Best Buns You’ll See All Day

Arefin03 of Dhaka, Bangladesh posted these photos online of his bebeh Buns. Quoting his BP post, “I hope that these photos will make people happy and put smiles on their faces – and also make them love bunnies more. Bunnies are wonderful animals – they have emotions and compassion like us humans, and I’ve felt it.” Well said.








  1. You don’t have to convince me how great bunnehs are, I know for a fact. I love them dearly.

  2. Rhonda B says:

    I also love bunnies we had them when I was growing up. Thumper the boy was black and white. Daisy the girl was brown. Looks like the bun in the top pic is saying his/her prayers—– awwwwww! 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos. Wonderful creatures.

  4. Own a bun named Spotty, and the whole family loves him to bits!

  5. Lovely, lovable, lucky bunnies! They are very good and sweet pets. Such good photographs, too!

  6. A. Non! says:

    The last picture slays me.

  7. murkle46 says:

    good looking bunny!