If you happen to find yourself, say, in St. John’s, Newfoundland (it could happen!) and are looking for some nightlife, you’ll find it here. At Junco’s Pub, the seediest bar in St. John’s.* This fly-by-night joint is open 24/7. (FYI: you have to be a bird to get in.) When it has customers, here’s how it looks:

And here’s the live stream- check and see if anyone’s tossing back a cold one stopping by for some seeds. (Click the button to start it up.)

And here’s how Junco’s came to be:

From Andrew Y. as seen on Da Buzz. *Line stolen from CBC Newfoundland Twitter.



  1. burvegas says:

    This is so awesome.

  2. How do birds “spread the word”? Twitter! of course. And the hookups? Wormster!!

  3. A unigue, fancy way to do a bird feeder, just hope a sqwerl doesn’t destroy it. I enjoy watching the birds at our feeders.

  4. I can that live feed confusing the cr@p out of bird watchers watching this.

  5. just hope a sqwerl doesn’t destroy it.
    No fear. There are no squirrels on the Rock.
    (At least there weren’t when I moved up to Canada)

  6. Marilyn says:

    A very, very neat idea!! I love the tiny TV….

  7. What a thrill to have this posted to Cute Overload! You guys rule.

    The feeder is on a second floor balcony, so there isn’t much chance sqwerls will get up that high! I haven’t seen any in the neighbourhood. Unruly looking pigeons definitely do roam this area though, and if they ever descend on the pub.. oh man.. it’ll be like a biker gang shakedown.

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    That “female junco” is actually a chickadee…

  9. sleekityin says:

    Love the chic(k) decor!

  10. Hey gang! I’m the creator of Junco’s and I’ve started making short highlight videos of the birds that visit the pub. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOtqP-KfdlUKbfRBskv0PYV0Jsh7e97_A

    Thanks again!