Live From Fort Langley, BC…It’s ResQte Of The Week!

Cute photos of kittehs are terrific, but if you can get ’em LIVE LIVE LIVE from The Great White North, well, that takes up it a notch! (Make sure you crank the audio.)

Jaclyn M. says “TinyKittens is a rescue in British Columbia who run webcams showing the animals they are fostering. Through various streams, you can watch their cats live, and also view archived recordings of events such as births and vet checkups. I’ve been leaving Eve’s livestream on my computer while I’m at work, and hearing the sounds of purrs and kitten slurping makes the day much more pleasant!”

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“After watching the live stream all day, we had to break for food; when we returned, we found our cat Joker trying to join the cuddlepuddle on the screen. Hearts broke with the sweetness. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!” -Caity, James, and Joker- Washington DC.




  1. And just like THAT, my work productivity for the rest of today is…non-existent!

  2. MJP, I was thinking the same thing. Who wouldn’t want to watch tiny kittens all day?

  3. Simply brilliant. Glad to see there are breakthroughs in cuteness development still being made. This just makes sense. Really Loved the ger-ring sounds made by Momma cat and her devoted care of the babies.

  4. Ha! I’m glad TinyKittens finally showed up on CuteOverload. I started watching when Calypso had her wee ones, went on to Dorothy and the Kittens of Oz, and now Eve and the Palindromes 🙂 Say goodbye to your life! There are growing kittens to be watched!

  5. My Weasleycat ferals were this age the summer I was doing some updating to my kitchen. I’d work for a bit, then go out on the porch to watch or play, then work some more, etc. It was heaven.

  6. Miss Kitty says:

    Thanks for the live feed. I agree, it’s brilliant, but my productivity will take a hit as I have to sneak a peek all day long now.

  7. I wonder if there are any job postings that require watching tiny kittens all day… If so, I’ll apply (as I’m sure countless other CO addicts would).

  8. JenDeyan says:

    OMG! Kittens are mewing and grooming themselves and getting meelks! They have a sign that says “Welcome Cuteoverload”. Definitely overloading here.

  9. and ps: I JUST noticed the tiny sofa under the WELCOME sign!

  10. Rhonda B says:

    Baby kitties are nursing right now. 🙂

  11. I love popping back here when I can. This is great. The first time I watched it was open season at the milk bar, now Momma has left and two kittens are beating each other over the head and trying to get into the pile. At least I have something to blame my non-productiveness on now.

  12. Oh my goodness!! That is too much.

  13. i’ve been watching since dorothy and the kittens of oz. there has been a foster litter in between, the sesame street kittens were found in a garbage can without a mom though they were older. tinykittens usually fosters cats/kittens pregnant moms until they have their babies and on through adoption a good several weeks of cuteness overload.

  14. PLEASE disable autoplay!

  15. AWW 😀

  16. @Jim: no way to do that on this end; tried to enable mute by default but that code doesn’t seem to take; drop the volume fader to kill the sound if you want.

  17. Kittens are nursing, and one of them appears to have fallen asleep!

  18. Cheesymice says:

    Awww, pretty Mama Eve is a dilute tortie like my dearly departed Miss Tilly! What a sweet little family. Yup, there goes the rest of my work day.

  19. Omg I have stuffs to get done. Work a little, watch a lot.

  20. elishab says:

    Aww, 5 sleeping babies right now…..too sweet!

  21. Elle B. says:

    I heard mewing as I was looking at the more recent posts and thought that my need for cuteness had caused aural hallucinations. I was overjoyed when I finally got to the aud-orable source!

  22. Shelly and Tinykittens …. wonderful combination… So wonderful, that I adopted TWO of the Sesame Street Kittens!!! Come see us at Oscar and Grover: From Trashed to Treasured on FB. We had a VERY sad beginning, but life is sooooo good now!

  23. Long-time TinyKittens fan here as well! I came on board with the Firefly litter, and have been around ever since.

    Watchers to click through the TintyKittens link to Livestream can also access (by clicking on the TinyKittens button in upper right) can watch a fascinating cam of a truly Feral mother cat and 8-day-old kittens.

    Shelly also heads up a TNR project on a local property where over 100 cats have been counted! They managed to capture several feral mothers before they gave birth, and most of them are in isolation over at LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) but Shelly installed one in a sort of makeshift forest in a spare room – complete with branches, leaves, dirt, and bugs! Sloane is truly feral and can not be handled, but Shelly has been able to handle the kittens a bit to monitor weight and health. Like most of the TNR colony, they are all sick with calicivirus and parasites, but they are at least safe and mama is getting good nutrition and some supplements and medication in her food. The plan is for Sloane to have time to feed and raise the kits as long as she is not too stressed out being indoors, and once the kits are old enough for weaning they can be socialized and adopted out while she is spayed and returned to her colony. It’s a fascinating experiment.

    Because of the TNR program, LAPS will soon need to find adoptive homes for over 100 kittens! So please consider a donation or if you are in the region consider adopting one or two.

  24. I hope that this stays up forever. I love to put this live stream up when I’m doing assignments!

  25. Peanutcat says:

    It’s not autoplay; it’s a live-stream . . . . .