Things Are Not Always….

….what they appear to be. A couple of days ago, we met Earl The Pandalamb. Today, it’s…Panda Cat. Sure, why not.

From Andrew Y.



  1. doomchild says:

    Sorry Cat, I didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy! And no, I am not giggling at you, dear me, no! You can wear that panda cape if you like! Of course you can! It looks quite fetching really. We’ll.. we’ll just not talk about this any more, okay? Okay? You’ll let me live?

  2. elishab says:

    Cat doesn’t seem too upset about this…..too sweet!

  3. Emmberrann says:

    Cat says: What did I do to deserve this?

  4. I think this needs an impending doom tag. Not for putting the cat in the panda coat, but for interrupting his (her?) show! It was just getting to the good part!

  5. It is amazing what some cats will put up with!

  6. I think cat is angry cause human came home early while he was indulging in his “furry” fetish. Some kind of extortion video being made to stave off future impending doom. Taileo twitch is killing me.

  7. 😆 Someone is going to get it from this kitty 😆