Sleppy X 3

It’s about that time- got to get me my glass o’ Bosco and then…YAWN – C U tomorrow, OK then? ZZZZ.






  1. Wait, where’s the chick, is it on the other side of the man?

    Seriously, the baby squirrels sleeping in a cuddle pile is deadly cute. The duckling nuzzling that bunny is too much. The cowboy sleeping with a colt in the crook of his arm though, that’s another level of cute.

  2. A picture Beautiful, thank you for sharing

  3. elishab says:

    awwwww……… tie tie……..Men of CO too!

  4. The duckling looks like he ran into the bunneh and decided to stay there☺

  5. Awww! These guys are so cute! ❤

  6. I have this strange urge to take a nap on pine shavings .. WWHHHYY ?!?!?

  7. I love these photos, so relaxing!

  8. Oh gosh, yawn, where do you sign up to sleep with the colt?!
    Duckling too funny: “Momeeee Momeeee”

  9. januaryfarmer says:

    Men of CO! Very cute…the whole thing.