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“This is a video of “Red,” one of the wild Bunnies I had the pleasure of caring for, eating his breakfast! Every mealtime he would do his little “march” because he was so excited for his breakfast (well, my husband said it was a “swim” not a “march” but when he is on the table I think he looks like a drum major!)” -Betsy G.


What To Do If You Find A Bebeh Bun!
“Many rabbits are “bun-napped” by well intentioned individuals that don’t realize that Mom only returns to the nest twice a day.”



  1. This is funny and a squiggling baby bun is very funny!

  2. Bunny biscuits!

  3. error19 says:

    Doesn’t everyone do a happy dance when they get to eat their favorite meal?

  4. Marching to the sound of his own drumming. Loved the tiny sucking sounds!! Way cute.

  5. @error19: Makes sense. You should see me when I get an M&M McFlurry at McDonalds. Total Squee-city.

  6. He’s a ballet dancer! Look how beautifully and gracefully his little front legs move in the second feeding attitude. Ballet Bun!

  7. Those leetle marching, drumming, dancing, feet are so adorable and so is the rest of the bunneh.

  8. I assume that’s a kneading motion to help the milk flow, like the kneading kittens (and adult kittens) do.
    That bun looks very close to the age of eating greens instead of milk. Baby buns are on their own when they’re pretty small.

  9. phoenix says:

    It might be the same as the kitty “kneading” motion, by my goodness does it look like sharp little drum major marches! Such a formal, high energy eater

  10. Saffron says:

    Those flippity-flappity legs are keelling me. 😀

  11. If I were the Dairy council, I’d co-opt this video.

    BTW, what does that t-shirt say? Is that for Styx? This is going to bug me.

  12. Kristin says:

    Between the baby wombats and the baby marching bunneh, today is turning out to be fantastically cute!
    @error19 — yup, that’s pretty much me when I see a donut!

  13. JenDeyan says:

    Now I want a donut…

    I also need to hug and/or cuddle something after seen the bebeh bun march. *goes to cuddle stuffing out of doggeh*

  14. @Rhea3 – Dear you have the RIGHT of it – as you have said – so indeed is what they do – just like kitties

  15. Because somebody had to state the obvious: March Hare!