BEHOLD! Bouncin’ Bebeh Brown Bear Brothers

These little Kodiak ResQte Guys are just amazing. Watch ’em BOUNCE!

(Thanks to Jana for sending the original link. Not linking to the story tho, due to the circumstances being 😦 sad.)



  1. pure nature.So nice! Thank you for this!

  2. Let’s see, Alaska, baby bears, no mother, someone killed the mother. Ugh! I hope those babies grow up big, strong and free. And the human that killed their mother, well I hope Karma has it’s way with him.

  3. I think bears need their mom to teach them how to live wild and free. These little guys are headed to zoos.

  4. Those babies need some toys to play with. But nothing deflatable…did you see those claws!?!

  5. Aww, best wishes for those little guys. Mama bears certainly earn their reputation though, did you guys see this?

    1st rule of the woods, don’t mess with the mama bear.

  6. Kar, that vid was TEH AWESOME. I thought herding cats was difficult, but baby bears are worse.

  7. fleurdamour says:

    They look kind of like a rock band trashing a hotel room.