Surely You Can’t Be Serious!

This was to be his moment. After a lifetime in different cities, different jobs, not one of them showing he could accept any real responsibility, Mr. Jingles would march into that cockpit, take over the controls, and guide that doomed plane and its terrified passengers to safety. Then suddenly, the sickening realization overcame him: he too had the fish for dinner!


Via Adam Rifkin.



  1. Copperbat says:

    If that kitten’s name isn’t Sully, well then I don’t know what.

  2. The Original Jane says:

    Where’s the damn wheel?!!?

  3. Mr Burns: Get in the plane.

    Smithers: But sir, it’s just a model!

    Mr Burns (cocks gun): Get in the plane.

  4. Doug from Winnipeg says:

    And don’t call me Shirley!
    (Yaaaaaay! I got to be the first to say it!)

  5. Dear god this parachute is a backpack!

  6. aspenlover says:

    And stop calling me Shirley.

  7. Adorable kitty and Airplane references. Double points!

  8. Dang you, Doug!!:)

  9. WaldenPond says:

    Excuse me stewardess, I speak dog.

  10. Rhonda B says:

    Oooops, I think I am in the wrong section to fly the plane!

  11. dolphin815 says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  12. annette says:

    Airplane references AND Friends references in one post? I have truly found my people.

  13. Saffron says:

    Mr. Jingles just back from air raid over Macho Grande. Don’t ask him about George Zip.

  14. Watch out, Red Baron!! I don’t need a machine gun when I have these fearsome claws!

  15. Emmberrann says:

    Oh, Mr. Jingles! You MUST save this flight! I have to deliver the plans I stole from our evil foes to the Pentagon As soon as we land! It’s the only way to foil their pernicious plot!

  16. “We’re going through!” The Commander’s voice was like thin ice breaking. He wore his full-dress uniform, with the heavily braided white cap pulled down rakishly over one cold gray eye. “We can’t make it, sir. It’s spoiling for a hurricane, if you ask me.” “I’m not asking you, Lieutenant Berg,” said the Commander. “Throw on the power lights! Rev her up to 8,500! We’re going through!” The pounding of the cylinders increased: ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa…

  17. Teresa says:

    AWW 😀