Everybody Needs A Hug Now And Then

That’s going to do it for the week (and the month- June is upon us!) here at Cute Overload. We’ll leave you (for now) with this terrific video of…KITTEHS HUGGING STUFFEHS.



Any Idea What They’re Trying To Say Here?

Even though they’re in a SWIMMING POOL, I’d be willing to bet it has to do with dog treats.

(The Squid.)

Hop To It, Guys!

What’s better than spending a Bunday late afternoon bouncing around on a trampoline? As far as these guys go- nothing!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

What Happens When Two Tiny Hamsters….

….end up in a Tiny Playground? Well, you get this, c/o Dumptruck and Porkchop! (The playground is named for a Hammie that passed away. 😦 )

Anyone Care To Explain This One?

It’s Shiro And Friends, so a certain amount of Feline Craziness is permitted- but…lettuce?

Best Buns You’ll See All Day

Arefin03 of Dhaka, Bangladesh posted these photos online of his bebeh Buns. Quoting his BP post, “I hope that these photos will make people happy and put smiles on their faces – and also make them love bunnies more. Bunnies are wonderful animals – they have emotions and compassion like us humans, and I’ve felt it.” Well said.






Bunday Morning Comix

More funnies from Liz Climo.

Chico’s Bunday Nose Flapping

Is “Nose Flapping” a thing? Well, if it wasn’t…it is now.

*BUNDAY BONUS: Chico is joined by pals Bunbun and Shrimp for a little watermelon action.

(Natalie W.)

Caturday Night: A Dish Of Milk, Please?

[I’m already all tucked in here and everything. Maybe someone could read me The Little Fur Family. Oh and could I get the cable remote? If it’s not too much trouble. Or even if it is.]

Welcome Home, Pal!

Here’s a TERRIFIC video of several puppehs arriving to their new home for the very first time!