Bebeh Duckster ResQte In Slidell, LA!

Four Bebeh Mallards were stuck in a storm drain in Slidell, Louisiana last Saturday. St. Tammany Fire District #1 rescuer Cody Knecht used a duck call ringtone on his iPhone to lure ’em out, and they were reunited with their Mama. Their FB page says that “this is the second duck rescue call in less than a week!”

duckling rescue 1

duckling rescue 2




  1. Poor little uckle-dings! I just love how people are willing to help them out.

  2. Earth’s mightiest heroes!

  3. Cheep cheep cheep cheep! iDuckling App, of course.

  4. Using a ringtone to lure them out? Genius! I haven’t even watched the video yet and I know he’s a bona fide Man of CO! Well done.

  5. Mischief Girl says:

    Does anyone know if they were reunited with Mom?

  6. laineyg6 says:

    That is a seriously annoyed baby duck. Love, love, love!! Mischief, I believe they were reunited with Mom, as per the story above. Yay! That peeping will make Mama come running quickly!

  7. I love the way the peeping continues after the pictures fade! More Men at C.O. – this calendar must have enough men by now – where is it?!