“My Hungry Hungry Homies”

If you went all the way to Rott Nest Island off the western coast of Australia in order to pet see Quokkas, do you know what it would be like?

It would be like this. (FYI, this article says petting them is illegal.)





  1. burvegas says:

    Another leaf, please. Thank you!

  2. What can brighten a day more than a Quokka? Though that awesome host is great too!

  3. What a sweet guy! I have a feeling quokkas bring out the best in most hoomins. 🙂

  4. Young man of CO. Both species exhibiting cuteness.

  5. Mikeyfur says:

    Why, yes. That IS the cutest animal on earth, so it is appropriate we got to see the little Quokkas on Earth Day. And the cute Man of CO they have as a leaf delivery system just adds to the experience.

  6. I’ll take one of each, please–one quokka and one young Man of CO.

  7. There was game from my childhood called “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. Obviously this dude remembers that too. He did pet the Quokka near the end of video, it probably was hard to resist. These little furbabies are just the cuties animals in the world!

  8. that should be: cutest animals….

  9. All the best stuff is illegal, it’s so unfair! If I go there some day I don’t care if they toss me in jail, I’m petting a quokka, end of discussion.

  10. Hey this guy is the front man for American band ATTILA, his name is Fronz (Fronzilla)

  11. Going to Rott Nest Island….BRB

  12. kibblenibble says:

    How do they survive if they can’t reach the leaves?!?

  13. Bonnie A-E says:

    Yes, tender man, they are the cutest animals on earth. How kind-hearted is that guy?! I think I would have stayed there for hours feeding those hungry homies. Nice to see positive stuff in the world, that’s why we love CO!