Your Mission, Should U Choose To Accept It;

Get IN…get the CARROT…and get OUT. As usual, if you’re caught, the Secretary will disavow blah blah blah.




  1. LOVE this! I would pay 10 bucks at a first run cinema if M/I were rebooted in hamster staging. Brava!

  2. What the…?

  3. If something’s going to steal one of my carrots, I’d rather it be this fellow than Tom Cruise.

  4. I spit on my phone!!!!

  5. Agree sugitomo, WTF???

  6. This is great!! Clever and funny idea! Hope the hammie has as much fun grabbing a treat as we do watching him! He seems pretty sanguine, yes?.

  7. Peeked in for a goodnight smile, but I’ve laughed myself awake. Now what?? This should have come with a “this’ll wake you up” warning.

  8. melissakfc says:

    No, no, no!!! U got the title all wrong! It’s spozed 2 b Mission Hampossibull!!!

  9. melissakfc is right!!!!! hampossible is nothing!

  10. LMAO!

  11. Just can’t stop watching this……need longer video OR more in various food scenarios!!

  12. I laughed so hard out loud my boyfriend was like: whats going on? XD