Now, as You Can See by This Next Chart…

… ferret one represents first quarter shipments of rotary knobule bippulators, ferret two represents population growth seasonally cross-averaged with toenail density, and ferret three represents the weight differential of three quarts of Miracle Whip on the surface of Mars. Any questions?


Photo taken at the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center in northern Colorado, where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service leads a captive breeding and recovery program where this endangered species is bred and preconditioned for release into the wild. Photo Credit: Ryan Moehring / USFWS



  1. So cute! They look like a cross between a tube sock and a panda!

  2. Emmberrann says:

    Wait, what??
    oh, it’s NTMTOM. Oh, ok. That explains it.

  3. Is that good or bad for the bottom line?
    Aren’t they pretty.

  4. Jan Smith says:

    NTMTOM!! You see the world through such whimsical and delightful eyes!!!

  5. I am currently eyeballs deep in dynamic data visualization methods and you’ve just given me the “wow!” approach I needed to impress clients.

  6. I can honestly say that I’ve never considered the two words, toenail and density, together in a sentence. Or Cool Whip’s weight differential. On Mars. Venus maybe, but not Mars.

    Nice one Mike.

  7. Aww cute! Love these guys

  8. Awww cute! Love these guys!!

  9. mauderules says:

    NTMTOM should take over the Federal Reserve Board’s division of economics. His graphics are so much easier to grasp and make a lot more sense. Betcha the ferrets would have foretold the financial meltdown.

  10. Mikeyfur says:

    Could we now see this in a ferret pie chart, please.

  11. TheIglets says:

    Spurious correlations have their place too!

  12. Ferret Pie!

  13. Nice one, NTMTOM!!!