Got Grapes?

This Derpy Little Flying Fox is having herself quite an enjoyable Nom!




  1. 260Oakley says:

    The Graped Crusader

  2. bless her

  3. So adorable! Love her big eyes and the slow, methodical munchings.

  4. Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

  5. diane in los angeles says:

    Very chipmunk like with the ever-expanding cheeks!

  6. Thank you, 260Oakley!

  7. I wonder if her eyes bug out the more she fills her cheeks. Like those old stress balls that you squeeze the body and the eyes and cheeks puff out.

  8. WaldenPuddle says:

    Her matchingks ears and cape are slaying me. squeeeee

  9. Are those grapes peeled? Would you like them that way? Can I feed you some?

  10. I shall suuck your grape!

  11. Mamabear says:

    Good lord, that’s mighty cute!

  12. Bat nomming may be the next big thing. Redonkulously adorable.

  13. Copperbat says:

    How can anything be so cute?

  14. Jenny Islander says:

    “I haz a grape. I can haz a good day naow.”

  15. BatBlaster says:

    Its so cute when she stuffs her face with them. By the way this Friday is Bat Appreciation Day.

  16. So adorbs! I love battys!

  17. daisycam says:

    Look, Ma, no hands!