“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Beach

Corgi Beach Day was Saturday, and an estimated 500 of the little Stumpers hit the sand for some fun and frivolity!






Photos 1-5 from the The OC Register/Mindy Schauer; Photo 6 from Instagram/Mashable.



  1. Heaven on Earth!

  2. Best. Dog. Day. Ever.
    500 Corgis = 1000 TOCKS!!! So cute.

  3. I don’t know if I could handle 500 Corgis in one location. That’s too much fun!

  4. erikainhb says:

    I live here…how did I miss this?’ Dang! So much cuteness!!!

  5. Corgi love!

  6. What I’m wondering is, were there any Cardigans there ? All I see so far are Pembrokes….

  7. Yes, Donna there were a few Cardigan corgis there at the beach as well. Though they were greatly outnumbered by Pembroke plushy-tocks! The next Corgi-fest will be in July!

  8. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    It’s a corgi convention!

  9. Can you even imagine the indescribable joy of thinking you were heading to the beach on just a normal day and coming upon this?! Corgi heaven.

  10. I love it that there is a “Corgi Nation”. I mean, there’s such a thing.

  11. I watch Beach Patrol: Huntington Beach, I don’t remember party animals like this!

  12. minchumom says:

    Dang!!! My bad luck…I would rather be at the beach rather then sitting in my cubicle and writing some technical document.

  13. Corgilicious!