ResQte Of The Week III: Gladys AKA Sponzo

You might recall Benny from yesterday, c/o. Marla C. I asked Marla if Benny was hers, and she said no, she found that picture on Imgur..which is certainly fine.


She also sent us in a photo of a puppeh that IS hers. “If you want to see MY doggeh, please see the attached. Her name is Gladys (AKA, Gladbags, Princess Floofy Feet, and Sponzo, which stands for Spaz + Gonzo.) She is a rescue mutt that we adopted two years ago.”

Wicked Beans -N- Side-Eye Combo theyah, Gladys.



  1. Gorgeous fluffy feet with nice little black beans! Darling dog, lucky owner!

  2. Gladys is so cute and those floofy feet are mighty impressive!

  3. Is Gladys smiling? I think she is! Adorable!

  4. “Talk to the Floofy Paw .. I’m trying to take a nap here humie”

  5. DogEared says:

    Looks like she is OWNING that chair.. go Gladys!

  6. Those beans are wearing fur coats. What an adorable girl!

  7. That face! I could NEVER tell her ‘no.’

  8. Peanutcat says:

    OMG! The toe floof!

  9. ERMAHGERD!! THAT’S MY BABY!!! She’s hit the BIG TIME!! Hooray for Gladys!!

  10. Floofalicious toe beans!! Rescue mutts are simply the best. End of story. Not that I’m biased or anything. 🙂