Back To Cat Heaven Island

We seem to check out this spot every two years or so. Tashirojima is a small Japanese island with less than 100 people, and LOTS of stray kittehs.

Having said that, we spotted this rather educational mini-documentary by Landon Donoho on Boing! Boing!; all that’s missing is the requisite filmstrip projector sound.

[*Note: No mention of the world’s first cat nightclub? -Ed.]



  1. AWW, man 😀 I have an excellent idea that they should allow the tourists to help them celebrate those festivals as well as visit Cat Heaven Island 😀

  2. I really enjoyed that! Its touching how the people care for each other. So glad to hear a vet comes to care for the cats as well.

  3. katrinab73 says:

    this is really cool and a good quality video

  4. The entire world could take a page out of this book.