Quite A Handful

Australia MAY just take The Big J’s place in our Global Cute Hierarchy. (And there wasn’t even such a thing. Until now.) When you realize The Big A has QuokkasWombats…AND Koalas; well…whadya think? The Big J…or The Big A? (Although we’ll knock some points off The Big A for those horrendous big ol’ honkin’ spiders.)

Koala photo from Imgur.



  1. The big A gets extra points for those cute, furry spiders with their widdle spindly legs and their beady eye factor.

  2. Sure Australia has tons of marsupials, but did you know that the cutest of them, the mighty koala, is *RIDDLED* with STD’s? *queue PSA music* http://io9.com/5920738/you-can-accidentally-get-an-std-from-a-koala

  3. Having spent 6 months Down Under in college with the opportunity to have one of those sweeties pretend I was a tree for $20 (Polaroid included), I have to side with Oz.

    They are ridiculously soft to touch and probably shouldn’t have been handled so much (I think they’ve since stopped allowing that sort of thing). If eucalyptus wasn’t so hard to find up here, I might have tried smuggling (snuggling? )…

  4. The Big A gets extra points for Edgar’s Mission!

  5. What the heck?! He looks almost pocket(book) sized! I’ll take him and a half dozen for friends, please.

  6. I used to drop in on the daibutsu in Kamakura. The tree behind the Buddha was laden with spiders. Japan has plenty of insects.


  7. burvegas says:

    Is this lil’ darling Archer of Featherdale? So cute!

  8. Kristin says:

    That’s a hard call, but I’m going to have to go with koalas and wombats – two of the cutest animals ever, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Aww aww aww!! Wittle babeh koalas!!!!!!!!

  10. daisycam says:

    Adorable! But don’t forget—-Maru is from Japan.