Who Ordered the Vodka Martini? Who Ordered the Vodka Martini? Was it You? Was–it–You?

Long considered a relic of the swinging ’60s, the Playboy Club lingered into the ’90s. Some spin-off businesses were not so fortunate; Chicago’s “Who’s-a-Good-Boy Club” closed after only six months.


Via Rikki’s Refuge.



  1. kerrell goolsby says:

    Silly dogs!

  2. Who’s a siwwy wabbit?!!

  3. With a face and smile like that, I wouldn’t care if they mess up my drink.

  4. WaldenPuddle says:

    Miss Steinem is all been there done that and a good thing….;)

  5. “Who’s-a-Good-Boy Club” ha ha ha ha.
    Doggy so sweet and happy.

  6. Is that a picture from the “Playpup” mansion ?

  7. “YOU did! YOU ordered the vodka martini!”

  8. Stressfactor says:

    “Who’s-a-Good-Boy Club” also breaks new ground by hiring ‘senior citizens’. In all seriousness though, sweet little frosty-faced, cataract-eyed baby-dog is obviously well-loved and a good sport about the humor of the hoomins.

  9. LOL Cute! 😀