The Little White Dancing Bear

LOOK at that face (above.) He obviously WANTS something- and he can have EVERYTHING I OWN. Right. This. Second. (Hmmm- I could make this happen. He’s local.)

Catalina writes, “I am a dog walker/sitter in the Berkeley, CA. area. I adopted Cracus from a local shelter (Crazy + Circus. I combined the 2 words together for obvious reasons) last November. He’s just over 1 year old and is full of energy. Pt. Isabel is our favorite place to go. He’s been called “Little White Dancing Bear,” “Happiest Dog,” “Little Monkey” and many other cute names!”

[*Note- Check the IMPRESSIVE ground clearance below- click the image for CRACUS ENHANCE! -Ed.]




  1. Your little dancing bear is so sweet and adorable!

  2. Cracus is cray-cray!

  3. ROFLOL at his name! What a happy and adorable whackadoodle. Have fun.

  4. This guy is cute and I LOVE the Cracus enhance photo! It is so funny that you featured it on C.O. in this manner and it is apparent to me that you understand the CUTE and share Love for it!

  5. Such an adorable dog! I’ve had catalina watch my dogs before. She’s wonderful and her dogs are so friendly!