[I was snoozing on the couch and all of a sudden I had a dream there was this Squawking Beak Thing right there on me and- wait, it’s NOT a dream??]


ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (The Great Bubble Machine Experiment)

And so we come to the end of our day long CHOTK Trilogy. (See The Tiny Dudes, and also The Medium Dudes.) Many thanks to KB for the photos! She also hauled some sort of Bubble Machine contraption there- you know, to wind ’em up and get all sorts of whackadoodle shots?

Didn’t quite do the job. Imagine that.



Halp, I’m Possessed!

MOOOOOOM, my body’s been invaded by hiccups! They’re crawling all over me! Get thee behind me, vile demons! (Oh, wait, I think they are behind me.)

Ohagi Butt Wiggle ACTION

We haven’t seen Ohagi since last summer. The good news is- his ‘Tocks are still Wigglin’!

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (Part 2: The Medium Dudes)

Earlier today, we featured The Tiny Dudes. Now, onto the Medium Dudes at CHOTK. Still not quite ready for adoption, says KB.




OK, We Adopted A Kitteh- NOW What?

[“Hon, you wanted a kitteh. WANTED WANTED WANTED a kitteh. So we went out and got you one. And do you see what it just did? It punched me in the nose!!]

It’s Not Personal, Sonny- It’s Strictly Business

“Aloha from Hawaii!,” writes Jen. “We have been huge fans of your site for years. In good times and bad times when I just need a smile, I head right over to C.O. Here’s my baby boy…my Shorty Bulldog, Don Vito Corleone.”


“He’s having play time in the back of my truck. We don’t need to drive anywhere, just knowing he got to be in the magical human contraption is enough to keep him happy. He can chill back here for hours and refuses to get out. We would love to be featured on your page if we make the cut!” -♡ Jen and Vito.

[*Note: And see, we thought The Godfather was a cat person. Whatta we know? Huh? Now go on, get OUTTA heah. -Ed.]


If Looks Could Kill…

… this look would be a catering company run by Hannibal Lecter.

… this look would be the Death Star, specially modified to launch more Death Stars.

…this look would be Miss Scarlett, in the library, with the revolver, and the lead pipe, and the wrench, and the shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, and the carton of angry hornets.

… this look would be a runaway freight train, a three-mile stampede of angry wildebeest, an army of enraged zombie clowns, the final chase scene from “The Road Warrior,” and twelve tons of flaming space debris all crashing at the same time into a nuclear waste storage facility outside of Pahrump, Nevada during an earthquake.


Via Pets Adviser.

Just Popping In For A Quick Visit, K?

This Wild Sea Otter decided to drop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Great Tide Pool. The video says, “After a power nap and grooming session, he was back into the bay to dive and hunt for urchins and crabs.”

Sounds like the perfect day, wouldn’t you agree?

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (Part 1: The Tiny Dudes)

(As the headline would suggest, there’ll be a Part II coming up shortly. Maybe a Part III, too.)

unnamed (1)
KB says, “None of the kittens I’m sending you today are available for adoption at Cat House On The Kings quite yet but will be soon.”

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)