BY REQUEST™: Where’s Bea?

[*Note: A few C.O. Readers brought up “Where’s Bea?” in the Comments section of yesterday’s Winter post. Five years later, here’s Bea. -Ed.]

Sense of direct-shons? No.


Eve S., Where’s Bea!?



  1. The backward romp at the end! Snortsville!

  2. Coffee spitting performance. Awww

  3. he is like i’m not here!!! lie.cute!!!

  4. murkle46 says:

    General silliness at it’s best!

  5. 1knitchick says:

    One of the happiest videos ever made.

  6. One of my all-time favorites! I always bring this one up when talking about cute/funny animal videos.

  7. This needs to be animated and then made into a stuffed animal, so I can buy a Bea stuffed Lamby! Internet! Make it so!