Oh, Sure- It’s Springtime Out There-

But WINTER ain’t done yet! Check out this extravaganza of Winter The Lamb doing what Winter The Lamb does BEST—BED BOUNCING! [Note- the final video is one we ran late last year- but the user account for that video was deleted, so the video vanished from C.O. We’re re-posting here. -Ed.]

(First video seen on Mashable.)



  1. I didn’t know they were such leapers! I wish I could jump around with this guy!

  2. Wow hahaha

  3. grytlappar says:

    The last video…Textbook sproinging! As good as any goat out there – who knew?

  4. The “bed hopping” is cute, but the hallway sprongging will remain my fave Winter vid. Tapping hoofs on flooring is awesome.

  5. Lambs are amazing

  6. Haha…requires a “where’s bea?’ reference. Especially that last one.

  7. Anita Magar says:

    What a cutie! Hope he did not end up on someone’s plate 😦 I love seeing the lambs in the fields but I hate knowing what is going to happen the vast majority of them.

  8. Anita – wool. Winter will live a long and happy life and give us lots of cozy sweaters.

    sugitomo – yes! I was trying to remember the name. Where’s Bea?

  9. murkle46 says:

    “Wheres Bea?” is a classic CO post.

  10. Fuzzalina says:

    It’s not springtime, it’s sproingtime!