Ain’t nothin’ like it. (*Make sure speakers are UP.) Folks, this is Fiete. He lives on a sanctuary in Germany. This was a good day for him.

[*Note- This video was discovered on YouTube and was uploaded by StiftungHofButenland. We re-uploaded it due to comment thread that accompanied the original. -Ed.]



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Nice to see a cow enjoying some shiatmoo massage.

  2. My goodness, Fiete is certainly enjoying his moossage!

  3. That is a big “cat”!

  4. @Zarina Lol I was going to say, “That’s some big doggy.” So awesome for both of them. Green grass, blue sky and bird song. That big neck stretch said it all. P.s. Can she come to my house and do that for me? Airfare included!

  5. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to schnuggle a cow before.

    Now I do.

  6. I need to go to Germany now…BRB.
    OMG this is so such a wonderful video.

  7. Cows are my favorite animal! This brought me to tears. I have always wanted to massage a cow into happy sighs and grunts. I am so happy for the lady AND the cow!

  8. I didn’t know that bullocks could purr.

  9. Makes me want to march to a field and wrestle a cow to the ground for cuddles. I’d be a bit concerns about the wind issue though: theirs, not mine.

  10. This warmed my heart. We (the US) often treat cows just terribly in those disgusting factory farms; I’m glad to see this one having a happy life!

  11. First, must give credit to April for “moossage”. Second, what a sweet good hoomin. I doubt she had a single fingernail left after all that scratching, but I’m sure she would think it was worth it.

  12. Ditto to all previous comments.
    BUT- where can I get her
    sweateau?!?!? Love the
    thumb loops!

  13. LOL Oakley you just made my day. That was good.

  14. phred’s mom–I’m pretty sure she cut holes in the cuff ribbing for thumb holes. All you need is scissors.

    Loved the cow’s grunting for more. My cats do that sometimes.

  15. Seriously – I would never have thunk a cow likes to snuggle and snorgle. How is that possible?

  16. Fiete lives on a sanctuary.

    I suspect every day is a good day for him.

  17. Carmen C says:

    @phred’s mom & dgerish: sports (“activewear”) sweaters and hoodies have this kind of cuffs – it’s supposed to keep the sleeves from hindering your moves.

  18. Anita Magar says:

    All creatures should be treated with love and respect, as they are all able to love and feel love. Think of this guy the next time you order a hamburger or steak.

  19. @Anita – I refuse, because then I’d never think of Fiete again, and that would be terrible.

  20. Anita Magar says:

    @Pcm979 Well, what is more terrible is the fate of these wonderful sweet creatures. Shutting your eyes does not change the facts. It just makes you blind.

  21. I see you fail to understand what I was saying.

    If I thought of Fiete whenever I bought a hamburger or steak, I’d never think of Fiete. Are you getting it yet?


    So I’m already doing my part, thanks dreadfully.