Luna Disapproves

A Disapproving Bun in a basket! Look at THAT look, will you?

“Hi! Have been a huge fan of Cute Overload for ages and ages,” writes Elizabeth B.

“…and I thought perhaps these pictures of my bun Luna might brighten up some future Bunday post. Thanks for many laughs and smiles and squees!”




  1. I feel bad I let her down, but I am so happy I got to see her super cuteness!

  2. Rhonda B says:

    Luna is very beautiful 🙂

  3. Isn’t she gorgeous! I love her white highlights.

  4. It’s okay Luna I don’t expect any Easter nonsense from you. Want to have some karpas and haroset? *strokes the pretty bunny’s fur*

  5. That is the most beautiful bun I have ever seen. Her human should be able to make her as famous as grumpy cat!

  6. I’ll take a Bun-in-a-basket, to go. Extra disapproval is okay, thanks.

  7. Luna is the perfect name for this extraordinarily beautiful bun.

  8. How do we keep the buns going but stop the disapproval?

  9. Beautiful bun in my favorite color!

  10. LunaChickFringe says:

    She looks just my Jinx-y Bun! Bee-yoo-ti-fuul!

  11. Killer Klown says:

    She’s just irritated that people keep asking her for Cadbury Cream Eggs.
    I would be too.