Caturday GIF Spectacular

Emma S’s cat Zigzag proposes a new Rule. “‘A thing accompanied by a floofier version of that thing is cute.’ I would like to introduce my little brother Loki. I feel that even though Loki doesn’t have nearly enough floof, he is still quite cute.”

P.S. (from Zigzag’s can opener:) “Hope you like these pics of our two fluff-piles. Ziggy is about 6 and wandered into our lives as a stray. A year ago he adopted Loki (now almost 2.)”



  1. I love that the first cat adopted the second cat. 🙂 Good job, Cats!

  2. bad cat robot says:

    May we also have a kiss-me-you-fool tag?

  3. Bro cats! What a handsome duo. And LOL at ‘can opener’!

  4. AWW 😀 Dear sweet Zigzag must think that dear sweet Loki is his baby 😀

  5. Zigzag found a loving home which he obviously wants to share, look forward to see them on Caturday hope you continue to share pics of these wonderful cats.

  6. Allie Smith says:

    And I don’t think he needs any more floof! He is just as adorable!