Groggy Doggy

Ever had one of those days? That’re GOING TO have one of those days. You can feel it in your dog bones. So you decided to pass. Catch me tomorrow. Today’s off the books. Problem is, your hoomin isn’t buying it.

“I know just how he feels,” says Allein S.



  1. The last flop roflol. (Me every day)

  2. Original comment seems to have been lost, so trying again (apologies for any double posting)

    Thanks for posting this. We lost our beloved 9 year old Dane yesterday, and have been devastated. I can confirm that not only do Great Dane puppies act and sound like this (they are so.lazy and so.stubborn!) they continue to do it right into adulthood! I got a bittersweet chuckle watching this, and a not-terrific day just got a little brighter. (and isn’t that why we all come to Cute Overload, anyway?)

  3. OK, hoomin, time to leave the groggy doggy alone. I feel exactly the same way when someone tries to get me out of bed before I’m ready. 😉

  4. ❤ ❤ ❤ and prayers @xrx12 ❤

    Being a cute pupperson is exhausting!

  5. xrx12, I’m so sorry you lost your precious Dane. All dogs leave us much too soon, but the giant breeds are the real heartbreakers. They frequently don’t make it to their 10th birthday. It sounds as though your big sweetie was much loved for those 9 wonderful years. I hope you’ll soon have another big Dane baby to spoil

  6. oh how CUTE!!!

  7. @xrx12. So sorry for your loss. Yes, they leave us too soon.

  8. That was me this morning, even though I sent it in the other day.

  9. Aw, let the groggy doggy sleep in! @xrx12…Condolences on the loss of your sweet furbaby.

  10. xrx12, so very sorry for your loss. Hugs to you. It’s so hard to say goodby to our furry babies.

  11. @xrx12 – I’m so sorry for your loss.

  12. Awww! That was adorable! Let the pooch have a duvet day! I love the way the tail kept wagging as if to say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! xrx12 I’m glad you got some joy out of this video – losing a pet is so hard.

  13. @xrx12 I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved baby. All of us who come to CO everyday know what this loss means and we’re giving you and yours virtual hugs. Just remember, you have the bestest memories of your big ol baby and you’ll have those forever.
    This baby…omg! Who knew they were so talkative and now as we all learn from our friend, @xrx12, stubborn! But it IS 3:30 in the morning…we all wants to sleeps!

  14. xrx12, we know just how you feel and our hearts are full of sadness for your loss. I lost my 14 year old chihuahua baby girl about a month ago and I am still devastated – but it does get better with time. Your sweet baby will live on in your memories forever. *hugs* ❤