Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember

Meet Frugal Hound The Greyhound. She NOSE she’s a good lookin’ puppeh. Look how she’s WORKIN’ that sweateuh and, sock.





Smedley found this one!


  1. OMGosh it’s a Gerenuk sniffing the turkey.
    Seriously, awesome girl with best moist nosicle.

  2. I love this dog. And her people.

  3. LOL .. I think Pic #6 lead to Pic #3 ..

  4. The last pic needs an Impending Doom tag

  5. Is this an Italian Greyhound?

  6. Not Italian Greyhound. Large racing Greyhound. Possibly a rescue?

  7. That is one beautiful nose on a beautiful doggy 🙂

  8. In the final pic, she looks like a deer to me with her long neck. What an adorable greyhound, I’m coveting her right now. Please tell me she got some of the turkey!

  9. What an adorable pupster! Love the fact that she allows socks to be put on her long schnozz.

  10. Adorable. She looks like my red greyhound Mattie

  11. I know all about the “Greyt”ness of greyhounds! My older brother has one and she’s absolutely weaseled her way into he and his wife’s heart.

    The roaching pose (upside down) ALWAYS tickles me to death with greyhounds.

    All those in favor of booping that nose? *Boop*

  12. She is elegant and beautiful, even with a sock on her nosie!

  13. Judging by that last pic I’m pretty sure that’s a Pointer.

  14. Thank you so much for featuring Frugal Hound! She’s super happy about it–though I’m worried it’s going to go to her head ;). For the folks who were curious, she’s a rescued retired racing greyhound. She’s 5 years old and her hobbies include snoozin’ and giving high-fives for treats.

  15. Frugal Hound obviously has hard life there, high-fiving for treats? Half-empty food bowls? She hasn’t retired from being gorgeous.

  16. Super nosicles!!
    Grey’s have such a fun way of sleeping, legs all akimbo!!