They’re Living Here Among Us

They eat our food. They sleep on our beds. They go and come as they please. What’s next? The truth is out there.

Starring: Peach. In a supporting role: Miss Kitty Fantastico. Video by Lauren S.



  1. And that’s without opposable thumbs!!!

  2. My cat knows how to open the cabinet to where we hide his treats!

  3. They might take over the internet?

  4. It already happened. They even ride our Roombas and catch fish on our tablets!!

  5. Is this kitteh named Barry?

  6. All my kitchen cabinets with food inside now feature tiny eye-hooks. Yes, it’s a nuisance, but so was cleaning up after the cats sampled everything they could rip open to taste. Or like the five pound bag of rice, throw on the floor because it was boring on the shelf.

  7. Wowza! Super smart kitteh! Nobody puts kitteh in the corner!

  8. @Pandamom: I made the mistake of leaving a package of bread rolls out on the counter… Weeks later I’m still picking crumbs out of the carpet from where my kittehs chewed through the plastic and scattered bread all over the house! They don’t even EAT BREAD!

  9. @kodalai-they thought it was a package of pillows from Japan.

  10. @Saffron Kitties would definitely open the door. Then shove us out and lock it again!!

  11. 😆 Kitties will find a way to open doors 😆