As It So Happens, I Do Enjoy Bananas

That was a very astute deduction on your part, I must say! Spot on! Quite the sharp-eyed observer, you are! Are you perchance employed as a detective or in some similar profession requiring skill in the empirical arts?


Via Geoff Shuetrim.


  1. Two things come to mind here ..
    1) Excuse me sir or milady .. but .. hmm .. Your not a hamster
    2) I hate it when that happens

  2. One thing comes to mind for me…
    He/She would fit right in at the elementary school cafeteria!
    Trying to see who can jam the most food into his (it’s almost always boys) mouth is still a laff riot among the third grade set. I think this guy/gal would win.

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    This orang appears to be female. Male tans have those big crazy jowl flap things.

  4. Clearly she’s gearing up for some inclement weather – here in New England, we rush to the supermarket to load up on toilet paper and other such items in advance of a storm. She’s simply being proactive. 🙂

  5. Sarcastic orangutan is sarcastic.

  6. I just wanna know why.

  7. Love the tag, NTMTOM!
    And the answer is, “because she can,” of course.

  8. Jessica R. says:

    Make banana bread with what? What do you mean, “leftover bananas”?

  9. Nom noms!! What a cute Oran-tan