Maybe I Can Hide This In Here (The Sequel)

Wally The Sqwerl and his huge pal Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog clocked in at #5 in the top videos of 2014. Now they’re back and Wally is still BUSYBUSYBUSY eating nuts from/hiding nuts in Jax’s fur. Jax seems rather placid.

(Boing Boing!)


  1. Is that a tolerant dog or what?

  2. What a hilarious video! Jax is so placid. Maybe he feels it’s a good trade-off to exchange regular scritchies for a few little nuts in his fur. Each of his feet is almost as big as Wally!

  3. I love the resigned look on poor Jax! Wonder if peanuts just fall out of his fur when he stands up! GREAT video!!! Who needs TV when you have something like this going on at home!

  4. The se-qwerl did not disappoint. I love Wally and Jax.

  5. Jax is so chill

  6. @Chris O: Yeah, I was thinking it must look like Jax is shedding nuts when he stands up. These two critters were made to be buds! 🙂

  7. I would love for some commentary to be added to the video or “voice-overs”. This is hilarious for sure!

  8. gretelhallett says:

    I love the way the Squerl rearranges the fur and pats it down after burying a peanut! That’s just so cute!

  9. SQUIRREL ! … ooo .. a little to the left please .. ya .. right there .. oooooo ahhhh