Caturday: Don’t Be Coy Koi…

..when it comes to making friends! Take Timo here, for example. He just leans right in for a little Interspecies Snorgling!



  1. well.. i dunno…
    i just see a cat being a cat… let’s hope nobody finds a half eaten fish when they come home..

  2. That was a very special moment of cuteness! Thanks for posting!

  3. JustAnotherHeather says:

    I don’t know… Timo, fish are friends, NOT food!

  4. Tim McDaniel says:

    He used to be a shy koi
    Until I made him my koi
    I really made a great bond
    Just sitting by the koi pond, yeah

    I’m gonna give him snorgle love
    Each and every night
    One thing I’m always dreaming of
    I wanna squeeze and hold him tight

    But don’t it make you feel good
    (Boop boop aah)
    And don’t it make you feel good
    (Boop boop aah)

  5. AWW 😀

  6. sleekityin says:

    This deserves an “eat it or pet it” tag. Ideal for those moments when our furry friends just can’t decide quite what to do.

  7. mollykubik says:

    Don’t mean to rain on everyone’s parade, but me thinks fishy is the one looking for a snack.