Mom Taxi XLI : Parked For The Night

Leetle Wah Wah needs a place to sleep- thees looks just fine, no? AND WHAT ABOUT THE JAMS?

Sent in by Susan M.


  1. ZOMG blarg.

  2. I promise you, that wawa thinks he/she is just as big as that great dane. 🙂

  3. D’aw, so sweet! 😀

  4. Rachael, you are so right! My own wawa thinks he’s a ferocious wolf. 🙂

  5. Emmberrann says:

    What about the ‘jams? Cute, right? Don’t you think so? And cozy, too!

  6. Jimmy Jams keeps the pupper warm but nothing beats a big doggie as an electric blanket substitue.

  7. Cute jammies on the little chihuahua!!! 🙂 They look so cute together……….. awwwwwww!!!

  8. EGADS! Unbearable!

  9. Ricky's Mom says:


  10. Guys, this was enough to make me think about getting another Chi’…or at the very least, a pair of tiny jams! (-;

  11. I would love to see the big guy wear the same pjs !

  12. WaWa….was it like climbing Mount Everest?

  13. There are no words.

  14. Which one you think is the pack leader?! lol