Sing Along With Maggie!

Listen to little Maggie The Doxie sign along with her hoomin- and don’t miss The Non-Stop Tail Wagging Action, either.




  1. “I’m nothing but a hound dog .. sing all night ” ..

    Rub tummy more please ..

  2. Meant for eachother. Puppah forced tail release! Too cute.

  3. gangewifre says:

    Ha ha love Maggie’s constant side-eye glances at the camera… “What is with this guy, huh?!”

  4. oh man Markiplier made it to Cute Overload! *squee!*

  5. Bailey, alert the Fanbase! Too bad there isn’t one of just him and Lucy.

  6. I hate to tell you this sir, but that bark means

    Get your hand off my butt or I’m going to HR!

  7. Christine O says:

    Let’s add him to the Cute Guys of C.O. Calendar! And a dog lover for sure!