Time For A Little T.S.C. (Too. Stinkin.’ Cute.)

Mihai Francu has put together a great compilation of Cute Puppeh Videos. It would be a better world if we all just stopped what we were doing and watched it right now. (Speakers up for this, too.)



  1. Yah. You did it. Finally you have truly broken the Interwebs. Gah!!

  2. Thank you puppeh for saving us from that dastardly door-stop.

  3. Eurgh! Why ruin a lovely puppy video by putting a human baby in it?!

  4. The baby, the hair-dryer and baby bottles! So cute!

  5. Oh great. I’m supposed to be working. How can I do that now? See what you did Cute Overload with all that puppeh cuteness that you bring every.single.day.
    On another note, superb compilation. Squee and super squee!

  6. KT: If nothing else, it provides contrast. Even the seated baby towers over the puppies.