Rats, It’s Monday! (BONUS Edition!)

“Rats, It’s Monday” has proven to be quite popular! And if we for some loopy reason forget to do it, you really let us have it with the emails are most helpful in letting us know. Today, a bonus! We got this email earlier today from Meg W. “I’m so glad you feature rats every Monday. I love to start to every week with them! Enclosed are a few pictures of my babies. Above, there’s a picture of the two of them together: Ziegler in the front and Otto is behind him. The last picture is Ziegler ‘smiling’ for the camera. I promised him a Froot Loop if he did!”




  1. Ziegler rubs tiny hands together and says silkily: “whats in it for me?” (a froot loop it would seem).

  2. So handsome!

  3. These two lucky ratties seem to have their own multi level condo. I’m not hinting that they seemed spoiled, in a good way.

  4. Well, rats are the only good things about a Monday.

  5. WaldenPond says:

    Mikeyfur, it does seem that way certain Monday’s…. and Ziegler is full of personality!

  6. xphile1002 says:

    I love ratties! I unfortunately developed a severe allergy to them while I had them as pets…it’s sad, because they’re great pets!

  7. Yay for bonus Monday rats. These little guys are so cute!
    @Julie – I’m sure they’re not spoiled! It’s just what every rat deserves. 🙂

  8. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    Yay for bonus rats!! And a couple of handsome black hoodies too. ❤


    These boys appear to be living in a R680 from Martin's cages (martinscages.com), which is indeed a spacious, multilevel cage. My own mischief live in an R695 which is even bigger, but then I have four rats. Martins cages are great!