Toesday In Berlin, Germany

Doesn’t matter if it’s Berlin, Germany or Berlin, North Dakota. The language of Toe Beans is universal. “Hey there…this is KittyCat and she would love to be on C.O. I took these photos while she was sleeping in the sun today…she is sooo adorable….keep up the good work…sending a lot of love from Berlin, Germany 🙂 Mona R.”



  1. KittyCat, you should really try to relax! 😀 Yes, Mona R., she is adorable!

  2. Hello Berlin! ❤
    Such a beautiful kitteh…and very nommable toebeans.

  3. TOE BEANS!!!! TOE FLOOF!! Day = made.

  4. Pink and black toe beans, no less! And that’s just the foreground–let’s not overlook the snorgable belleh, the boopable nose, and the chin desperately in need of scritching!

  5. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with dear sweet KittyCat, Mona R. 😀