The Big J (No, Not THAT Big J)

Got a different Big J this time around, People. His name is Jasper! Lisa K. reports, “Dear Cute Overload, Long time fan, first time sender-inner. The Furball in the attached is Jasper, displaying Rules Of Cuteness #17 and #19. Photos by my niece, Chloe L. Thank you!”




  1. I love his little ‘hands’! And the blorp, and the whiskers, and the Beady Eye Factor and let’s not forget Rule #1: Paws Up!

  2. Another cute hammie for today. I want to pick him up and nuzzle him.

  3. With that inquisitive, intelligent face, Jasper could be the protagonist in a series of children’s books. Any CO writers looking for a project?? And kudos to Chloe for the excellent photography.

  4. For some reason, he looks to me like he’s standing in front of his class delivering his very first book report. Something about the slightly nervous, oh-so-eager-to-make-a-good-impression look on his face. CO has featured a bunch of hammies lately and I, for one, have fallen hopelessly in loff with them. I need a hammie in my life, dangit! 🙂

  5. katrinab73 says:

    and BEF!

  6. Stuart Little.