Mom Taxi XXXVIII: Built Ram Tough

[Listen, Cat; I know you need to hang on, and I am indeed sorry I don’t come with seat belts. But if you dig those claws into my back again, you and I are gonna have a problem.]

Vajda B. found this on The FB but YouTube clips work better.


  1. Why walk when you don’t have to.

  2. 😆 That cat totally owns that ram 😆

  3. Taxi, definitely. Mom, not nearly as much — two different ways. Wrong gender, wrong species. So, cute video, questionable title.

  4. How wonderful it must be to be a cat,and have your own sheep to ride when the weather gets too cold to walk.

  5. The Ramborghini comes standard with heated seats and a very impressive horn.

  6. @Oakley, I live for your comments. Loved the video too!

  7. *snickers* .. Ram Tough ..

    That’s BBhhaaaaaaaa’d

  8. Thranduil impression – you’re doing it wrong – Marvelously wrong. . . . 🙂

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    I was lying on this nice fleece and it suddenly walks outta the barn!