Poll: Koala, Panda, Or Wombat?

Whenever I see a Koala, I think that is the Cutest Roly-Poly in the world. But then when I see a Panda, I think the same thing. Along comes a Wombat, and…well, you see the dilemma. What do YOU think? Panda..Koala..or Wombat? Let’s go Polling!

Credit where credit is due, for the first photo: “Here is a pic taken recently at Australia Zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin & family (crickey) located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I had to fight the crowds and wait about half an hour for this cute little baby Koala to come out of the leaves for the perfect shot.” -Kon K.






  1. …and then just to complicate matters, we’ve got Quokkas and now Agoutis (check out Jan. 5th Zooborns) plus the perennially mellow Sloths…I just can’t choose! 😀

  2. Seriously, we can only pick one? I adore them all but have recently become totally obsessed with wombats–even made myself one from fleece because I’m switching careers and moving 600 miles, etc. Needed a service wombat to help with the stress.

  3. You forgot the Quokka

  4. SophInBoots says:

    I voted Wombats … but I just “discovered” the pika the other day ! Google it ! I dare you !

  5. One Skunk Todd says:


  6. I loves me a wombat!!! I even nicknamed my car the wombat!! too cute!

  7. I can’t choose just one! I want to vote for all of them!

  8. anonymous coward says:

    hey, how can the wombat be last if we all vote for the little feller?

  9. I’m sorry, but with regards to booplesnoots, that pic of the wombat wins hands down.

  10. I agree with you Jake — I think we both nose why the Wombat is Winning…

  11. Wombats, of course!