Not All Our Cute Friends Enjoy Winter

Some do. Take Bao Bao The Panda at the National Zoo in D.C. Yesterday was her first encounter with snow, and she’s clearly enjoying it. (No sound, BTW.)

These Ferret Maniacs like the snow, too:

However, harsh winter weather can be very hard on other critters. (Harsh weather, as in Chicago right now.) Please take a moment to review these C-C-C-C-Cold Weather Tips from our friends at the ASPCA!

Thanks to Smedley. Photo from Just Cute



  1. I love how the cat slinks by, “what a bunch of idiots.”

  2. Ferrets are so delightfully silly!

  3. My res-cute bunny will play with snow if I bring it inside like a civilized person, but if I open the back door to a Winter Wonderland she looks at me like I’m insane and hops away into the house where it’s warm. She survived a Chicago winter on her own (she was smart enough to go to people for food) before being rescued, so I’m figuring it’s “Been there, Done that, Like this better!”.

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    That white ferret looks like an ermine!

  5. Could pandas get any cuter? So roly poly.