In Which Miranda Visits Disapproval Island

We’ve made a few trips to Disapproval Island AKA Bun Island AKA Rabbit Island AKA Usagi Jima (ウサギ島)– let’s see how things are going lately, thanks to first-time Cuteporter Miranda M. She titled her email “C.O. soldier reporting from Bunny Island!” (That’s her below.)

As you might guess, this got our attention:


“Long-time reader, first-time submitter. Here are pics from my trip to Ōkunoshima. I first heard about it through you guys and fulfilled my dream of going there last September!”

“So to get there you take a ferry from a little town in the southern part of the Hiroshima Prefecture, Tadanoumi. It takes about 5 hours from Tokyo. The ferry station is a short walk from the train station and you can just follow the signs, or just follow the other bun lovers, there was a whole group of us when I did it.”

“The ferry costs about $15 and takes about 20 minutes and runs about every 20. Once you dock, a shuttle takes you to a tradition Japanese hotel, a Ryokan (below,) which is the only functioning building on the island beside the employees’ apartments.”

“It cost about $200 a night to stay there, but you have to be a part of a Japanese travel society, something like AAA I think, to book a reservation. I was lucky enough to have a friend in Japan who was a member and she made the reservations.”

“You can go out and hang with buns at night after most people have left. The hotel has a great little gift shop full of bunny-themed goods and a small cafe with noodles, coffee, and ice cream. The hotel is also where you can rent a bike to explore the island. The island is only about 3 miles long and a mile wide so you can explore it in a day.”

“The bikes are the great part because the rabbits that hang out in front of the hotel are total lazy-buns from all the attention they get, but once you take a bike and get away from the busy areas all the rabbits will start running out of the bushes and putting their feet up your legs to greet you, like this guy below.”

Important– there is no way to purchase the fresh vegs that are the buns favorite on the island. You have to plan ahead and grab some before you go. You can buy pellets to feed them on the island, but if you really want the bun love we all desire…make sure to stop by a market before you get on the ferry.”

“Also the island is tropical so it is super hot and humid most of the year but in Japan it is pretty risqué to show your shoulders and décolletage, so if you don’t want to scandalize the Japanese buns and their other visitors, come dressed in something light but covering.”

“Because it is tropical the trees in the more remote bits are filled with very un-cute black and yellow striped spiders which can get up to be the size of your palm. As un-cute as they are, they are not poisonous and won’t harm you, so just keep your eyes down on the buns…not up in the trees.”

“The island is a bit remote and rural, so not a lot of the bun hosts speak English, but I didn’t have a problem at all. We all spoke the universal language of bun-love.”

“Oh yeah, and be prepared to cry when you leave because it is the most magical, bun-filled, wonderland. I know I did.”

“I hope that helps!”







  1. I wish I had known about rabbit island when I was there in 2006. I must get back there soon.

  2. A visit to to Bunny Island is now on my bucket list. Number 1 with a bullet.

  3. That is some EXCELLENT Cuteporting, there, Miranda. I appreciate the helpful details (just in case I ever actually make it there).

  4. Now I have to go there. Miranda did a fabulous job cuteporting.

  5. This made my day! Thanks for the top-notch cuteporting, Miranda.

  6. What an awesome place with such friendly bunnies!

  7. That last photo makes me wonder if they sell bunny black jellybeans….

    Do they neuter and spay the buns, or is the whole island going to be overrun and eaten to bare dirt? Population control is important for fast-breeding prey species.

  8. Awesomely detailed report. Great pics and details. Besides seeing the bunnies I enjoyed seeing all the signs. Definitely would have coffee and cookies with my bunns.

  9. I imagine those signs basically say “don’t toss your cigs” and “no stealing buns”.

    This is definitely going to be on my things to see list if I ever find myself in the Big J.

  10. This is a great sure! thank you for your story and images!

  11. Jenny Islander says:

    The last pic–those are Rabbit Poop Cookies!

    Oh, Japan, ILU.

  12. The bunnies are cute and so is Miranda

  13. Oh. Em. Squee! Miranda, you just won Cute Overload! So interesting and adorbs! The bun with his paws on your leg eating lettuce!?! WHAT.?!!?!? The info and photos were fascinating. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. kimmiegirl says:

    I for one was most appreciative of the spider warning. If I ever get there, I would have fled screaming had I seen one of those. I do not do well with surprise arachnids. Now I will know to stay away from the trees. Excellent reporting!

  15. You have fulfilled my dream, too. I want to visit the Ghibli Museum and Bun Island!!! Thanks for the pictures!

  16. Badá Rock says:

    Sigh… here in Brazil we have an island of poisonous snakes. Nobody ever goes there. The snakes are really mean and hungry. 😦