You Mock Superman?

It is not wise to mock Superman. My super-ears can detect your suppressed giggles even over hundreds of miles. I might freeze you with my super-cooling breath, or fry you with my super-heat vision. Or perhaps I may flatten you beneath the weight of my super-pounce, or fling you across the room with one flick of my super-tail. But no, I am Superman. I use my super-powers only for good. Therefore, I shall merely throw you some super-shade.


“Just moved into a new apartment. This is my neighbor,” says Redditor aletati.



  1. Cutie !!♥

  2. I need to move into that apartment building…or is it the Fortress of Solitude???

  3. Cute Dog

  4. This superpupp only fears “cat-onite ” and Lex Furball

  5. Superdog.

  6. can he fly over to my house, please?

  7. Wow, I’d love to have a neighbor like that!

  8. That Super Gaze I just want to melt !!!!!

  9. I just remembered something .. Does the name “Krypto” come to mind ..
    (For all you non-Superman trivia people .. When Superman was a boy .. he have a dog named .. Krypto )

    And he looks a lot like this little guy.
    [ ]

  10. grytlappar says:


  11. Save me Superman!!!!

  12. The geek in me needs to inform you that Superman’s dogs name is Krypto.