The Zen Of Sno-ball

And now for something completely different. Even for us. “Dear Cute Overload, I’d like to introduce Sno-ball, a very small, very cute Japanese “Sirotan” Harp Seal toy. She has become our office mascot, and this is her story….”

“We would be thrilled if you could share her on C.O – the very best site in the world!” -Deb S.



  1. frankenaidan says:

    My offce could use a mascot like this

  2. I never cease to be amazed and delighted by the whimsy to be found on CO.

  3. I Love Snowball! She needs a Facebook page! STAT!

  4. This video needs to go viral.

  5. gangewifre says:

    “She had been photocopying her bottom.” OMG LOST IT. 😀

  6. Cute, but I’m not sure I want her next to food. We don’t know where she’s been?!

  7. Innovative! Clever! Charming! Absolutely delightful!

  8. BumbleDuckie says:

    Gawwwwgeous, love how Snowball was discovered! (lots of people would’ve just left her) This office seems like a rather good place to work. 🙂

  9. mollykubik says:

    I cannot believe that I have tears in my eyes from falling in love with little rotoundii. What a marvelous place to work where they enjoy whimsy like this.

  10. Can’t stop laughing at “Albablanc Rotundii”!

  11. I’m glad Snow Ball has befriended Nut Ball. They can cutely mentor eachother at work.

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    That is one big acorn if Snow Ball’s a few inches long!

  13. I do not know what sort of office this is, or what sort of products/services it offers… but whatever it is, I want in! With awesome office staff and Sno-ball-approved morale, this place can Take Over The World!

  14. I’ve visited Mount Fuji, I’ve ridden the Shinkansen, I even got a kiss in Shibuya, but damn if this isn’t the Japanesest thing I have ever seen in my life.