Selby’s Hat Trick

Selby wants to be Pharrell Williams,” says Cuteporter Atsuko M.







  1. JMO But Selby is much cuter than Pharrell Williams.

  2. proshest puppeh poses proudly.

  3. I agree with Sara; Selby puts to Pharrell to shame! What a chic doggie!

  4. Some “people” just have a face for hats.

  5. Jodi Hankins says:

    My mom was born in a town called Selby in CA. It was a company town that made black powder for the army during WWII. It no longer exists. Your Selby looks like a Corgy or perhaps a Sheltie. My mom had four Shelties during her lifetime. Your dear Selby is very adorable.

  6. I wish I looked half as cute in a hat, any hat… or even without a hat, as Selby. What a sweet face and beautiful eyes! 🙂