Rats, It’s Monday

If you want to sleep in, little pal- we understand.


As seen on Deviant Art, from user LilTina.



  1. He still looks asleep in the 2nd picture. I can’t blame him though.

  2. Someone needs to put noms into those prosh leetle fingers STAT! 😀

  3. Oh that yawn, leetle tongue and teeny paws, that resemble leetle fingers, they’re killing me with cute!

  4. Those little feets and whiskers are so cute!

  5. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    What a precious baby! That big yawn at the top is making me want to go back to bed.

  6. Love the little teefs, the teensy feets and the whiskers but it’s the seashell earses that get me every time. *thud*

  7. I think the pictures are of two different rats, because I’ve seen the tiny baby before. Both are utterly cute, though.

  8. I love rattie yawns! My babies always greet me with stretches and yawns. And this little baby is just utterly, ridiculously cute!