Sorry, Pal- Nothing Personal

[However, it’s really cold out here, and being a Bun, I love carrots. And your nose IS a carrot. I think you can tell where this is heading.]




  1. What a beautiful red/brown colored Rex bunneh. He doesn’t know that the carrot isn’t for him.

  2. That is soooo cute.

  3. And I’ll just boop your nose first (before I steal it).

  4. Cute little bunny, I will buy you a whole bag of carrots 🙂

  5. This is so cute it hurts!!

  6. So cute 😍

  7. I will eat carrot with you!

  8. So cute! I didn’t know they came in that pretty russet color.

  9. Beautiful fur!! Lol bunny better hurry that carrot is getting colder and colder. P.s. Are the playing “I’ve got ur nose?” I bet bunny wins every round!

  10. Is that why the snowman has such an indignant face on him?

  11. “Go and pick your own nose!”

  12. I don’t carrot all, take it.

  13. That’s punderful, Rose!

  14. oh wow, that little guy qualifies for the role in Velveteen Rabbit. Looks just like it!