Super Gonzo Caturday Baroo

We’ve had several great Baroos in 2014- and each time, we say “this one is the best ever.” (This one looks quite familiar.)

But, good grief People. Take a look!

Jenny S. says “this was posted by a friend on Facebook.”



  1. That expression. The backlit ear. The jumper. The fuzzy rug next to a rusty clawfoot tub. I adore this photo!

  2. I too adore this photo! And I wonder what the photographer was doing to cause that extreme baroo action…

  3. Is that a baroo or a twist-off head?

  4. The most amazing eyes!

  5. So cute!

  6. Baroo-m with a View

  7. AWW 😀

  8. Nope! Not a baroo—this cat is doing stretching exercises!

  9. We must rename those hairless kitties and call them all Gollum cats from now on.

  10. Father Karras, I don’t think he’s barooing…

  11. grytlappar says:

    Turtleneck FTW.

  12. These nekkid cats are starting to win me over. The tummy! And that tail!

  13. 😀 @ doomchild 😀

    I am looking at that clean floor and am feeling inadequate. Not that it will make me now run and clean my bathroom… 😀

  14. Cute. Naked cats remind me of E.T. 🙂