“Squawking In A Winter Wonderland”

[*UPDATE: Anne M. submitted that headline, and is the winner of our final set of 2015 C.O. Calendars! Thanks to everyone who left a comment…and Anne, check your email please!]

Here we are, Christmas Eve. No doubt Santa is already in the air, headed off on his ’round the world trek. Think he’s got some 2015 Cute Overload Calendars in his bag? Don’t know- but WE have a pair right here to give away, right now! Write up a header for this post, then see if you won today at Noon PT! We’ll send ’em right out- they won’t be under the tree tomorrow morning, but like we’ve said before….hey! They’re free! (If you don’t win today AND Santa doesn’t bring ya one, you might try Amazon.com!)

Image seen on Bored Panda, by Andre Villeneuve.

*UPDATE 2.0: We just heard from Anne: “Shut the front door! Wow! Thank you so much – what a great start to Christmas! And as a thank YOU – please find attached a picture of my dog, Tuko, in a Christmas sweater. He was so excited to be featured on C.O. for Thanksgiving last year!”

12 - December 2

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!



  1. Come fly with me

  2. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the chickadees last night…..

  3. Big Love, And Harmony

  4. I think we should follow their example, tweetheart.

  5. We’ll never get our presents if he doesn’t quit kissing the Mrs.!

  6. If Mr. and Mrs. Santa can kiss, so can we!

  7. They didn’t wait for Mistletoe, so why should we?

  8. Gigi_the cat lady says:

    Two pair of Christmas love birds.

  9. Hey, Ethel, does this give you any ideas? Hmmmmmm?

  10. Jess Miller says:

    Chickadee see, Chickasee do

  11. Tweet Romance

  12. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!”

  13. Pucker up!

  14. I have something Tweet for you!

  15. How come you never kiss me like that?

  16. I know it’s Santa, but they still need to get a room.

  17. Up on the Claus tops, chickadee’s pause

  18. Hooooooooo momma! Santa is giving the Mrs. a SMOKIN kiss! Look George, he’s so hot he’s melting the snow!

  19. I just want to give you a little peck.

  20. A little bird told me it’s Christmas Eve!

  21. JustAnotherHeather says:

    For Christmas eve, Santa uses reindeer to get around. Every other day, he and the Mrs. each use a chickadee, as you can clearly see.

  22. Errrnngghhhh, pull harder, Ethel, we’ve got to get Santa on the sleigh!

  23. Squawking in a Winter Wonderland

  24. Hitchcock would have a field day with this one.

  25. Are you sure? I thought they’d be bigger… more animated.

  26. Get a room you two!!

  27. Let her go, Phil. Mrs. Claus is just not into you.

  28. that’s why birds do it, bees do it, even Mr and Mrs. Claus do it, let’s do it, let’s fall in love

  29. I vote for Maggie’s title 😉 right now, but where’s 260Oakley?

  30. M E Cheshier says:

    What a great pic!

  31. A bag in the hand is worth two…on the head? Wait…that’s not it…

  32. Wow you’re right! Blue eyeshadow is in this year!

  33. All right, break it up. Time to deliver presents.

  34. Eden Welker says:

    “Come up and see me sometime.”
    “I will, my little chickadee.”

  35. A new tradition–kissing under the chickadees!

  36. It’s Christmas Eve; joy’s in the air;
    For the Clauses & the birdie pair;
    In this happiness may we all share…!

  37. Tuko is a beauty! I normally don’t like Christmas sweaters, but the black is classy.

  38. That xmas sweater is quite fetching on Tuko. So handsome!