Great Wobblin’ Wombats!

Anyone who has read C.O. for any length of time knows…we love us some Wombats, we do. So check out this Little Chubbular Dudette- this is Chloe, who we first met back in ‘Tocktober.

ImageProxy (1)
Quoting the ZooBorns article, Taronga Zoo keeper Evelyn Watson (those are her legs above) says “She’s really learning how to be a Wombat. Her paws are already toughening up and she’s quite happy digging about on her own.”

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Photos from Paul Fahy/Taronga Zoo.

[*Note: Cute Overload’s 24 Hours of Christmas Cute… next.]



  1. Its so good to see adorable baby Chloe again. She is doing so well. Out of the pouch and following momma on her rounds.

  2. WOMBAT! WANT! So earnest and stubbular…

  3. Loff.